CBRC 2013 Trail Runs Maps

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+ Kings Landing Park Trail Run

CBRC Kings Landing Park 2013 Trail Run starts at the field follows much of the traditional SMAC cross-country course, with the following exceptions. It goes into the woods (on the left as you drive in) and down to the archery clearing, early on, but then rejoins the traditional course through the equestrian area. Coming out of the equestrian area it bears right onto the forest path down to the marsh and fishing pier, then comes back up to the field by the swimming pool, and turns and descends to circle the field above the fishing pier. It runs out to the gazebo near that field, and back, and then goes through the forest/marsh/bamboo forest area. The last mile is the same as SMAC: up the steep hill and out through the cabins, then back to go to the field. There is one additional deviation--a small out and back just before the finish in the clearing.

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+ Myrtle Point Park Trail Run

CBRC Myrtle Point Trail Run followed the Deep Woods trail to the KingFisher trail, and then returned through grassy clearings, passing right by the water tower.

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+ Calvert Cliffs Trail Run

CBRC Calvert Cliffs 2013 Trail Run will run on the service road to the beach, as an out and back. This is a dirt road, so footing is very easy, but it is challenging to race because it is quite hilly.

For a map showing more of the roads in the area, see Directional Map

The blue arrows drawn on the map below are just above the red dotted line representing the service road.

Calvert Cliffs Trail Map Snapshot


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+ Oak Ridge Park Trail Run

Oak Ridge offers one of the more techically challenging trails in the series. It combines open fields with single-track woodland trails. In the woods, get ready for a few hills. Several short climbs and descents and twists and turns will keep you on your toes. Watch your footing as several tree roots will test your agility. There's a stream crossing but you can hop it with a big jump! If you're paying attention, you may see the old jalopy. This is a fun trail with a few surprises.

The red arrows drawn on the map below illustrate the course. Black X marks indicate trail branches to be avoided.

Oak Ridge Park Trail Map


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+ St Mary's River Park Trail Run

CBRC St Mary's River Park Trail Run starts out counter-clockwise around the lake on the traditional loop path, branches off (at 2mi) onto the new section to the right, and rejoins (at 3mi) the traditional loop, turning left to return clockwise around the lake (and back over the dam).

CBRC St Mary's River Park Trail Map


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+ Maxwell Hall Park Trail Run

CBRC Maxwell Hall Park 2013 Trail Run is TBD; we would like to run to the woods and use some of the forest paths.

Course from previous years visible at CBRC 2011 Trail Run Maps External links: